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5 Best Portable Solar Panels EveryOne Is Talking About

As new technology is introduced, our solar panels are also getting better each day. More and more homes are now depending on solar panels for power. If you are one of them and you often use a portable solar panel to power your electronics when no other electrical source is near, here are 5 best portable solar panels. They are refined and are some of the biggest sellers right now. For a longer list, visit Ecokarma’s best portable solar panel page.

1. Instapark Mercury 10

When fully folded, the Mercury 10 is just about the size of a tablet, making it one of the smallest, but not underpowered solar panels you could put your money on today. Through its dual USB ports, this small and compact solar panel is able to pump out 10 watts worth of energy. The best part, it comes with three panels that can trap a lot of light for quick power output.

2. Enerplex KICKR II

If you are looking for something that can bend across your hiking backpack, Enerplex KICKR II is definitely what you should be shopping for next. It is surprisingly flexible and you can fold it in half without breaking to pieces. As if that is not even enough; these bending solar panel are insanely lightweight and weather resistant. With all that, what else can you possibly ask from your portable solar panels?

3. Anker Dual-Port Solar Charger

If you have been having trouble knowing which devices your portable solar panels will recognize and which they will charge properly; well, Anker Dual Port, could be all you need. The Anker comes fully equipped with a built hyper intelligent PowerIQ that automatically detects the right output to give your device enough juice and minimize charge time. The 4 panel also create a 14 watt monocrystalline solar array that gives you 2 amps.

4. CHOETECH Portable Solar Panel 19W

From a distance, you would mistake CHOETECH for Poweradd; the two are nearly identical. This portable soar panels boast a 19 watt power supply. It is also very compact and can be folded like a book. The solar panels are designed to charge two electronic devices at a go without any problem. Another great feature about choetech is that its panels come with a rugged polyester skin and weather proof features. You can leave it outside.

5. Poweradd Portable 20W Solar Panel

Poweradd is an excellent and cost effective solar panel kit that lets you charge your tablet or mobile phone with ease. You can place it on top of your roof, car or any other place that receives enough sunlight. This 20wat dual USB foldable solar panels are extremely easy to carry around and their ability to charge up everyday electronic device like phones make this choice the best.

At the end, if you have been having trouble knowing what works and which doesn’t, we hope our quick analysis will help you make a very informed choice. The 5 mentioned portable solar panels shave been tested and if the kind of praises and high ratings they have continued to receive is anything to go by, it is evident, they are among the best portable solar panels out there.

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